The Rhythm Playboys - "Celebrating 61 Years of Entertaining"

Newest DVD  ($20)
Released August 2014   Recorded live at an old fashioned barn dance in Wisconsin.  Approximately 1 hour and 20 min. of variety dance music. Lots of fiddle, steel guitar, and accordion!

($20) DVD
The Rhythm Playboys Live on the Mollie B Polka Party at the Media Entertainment Center
in 2012.  

Rhythm Playboys in
Las Vegas in 2011 recorded by RFD-TV.   Features the band along special guest Karl Hartwich 
of the Country Dutchmen on concertina. approximately 1 and a half hours. Features variety dance music and close up shots of the band and dancers as well.  

Rhythm Playboys
Live in
Las Vegas
The Las Vegas Years
This two hour DVD features the Rhythm Playboys at they have appeared in Las Vegas in the years 2005 through 2009. It features a variety of music including a circle two step. Sights of the city, close-ups of the musicians and dancers will keep your attention.  Filmed on location at the Orleans Hotel and Casino at the Southwes Polka Party. Order yours today!      ($20)
The Rhythm Playboys Live at Concordia Ballroom ($20)
This 90 minute creatively filmed DVD captures the energy and enthusiasm brought to stage by the members of the Rhythm Playboys.  You will be entertained by close up views of musicians and dancers alike.  See and hear a variety of polka, waltz,  traditional country, cajun, big band swing and fun fiddle hoedowns.  Also included on this video are the waterfall mixer and the circle schottische.      ORDER YOURS TODAY!
 Orville Dahl, Ryan Herman, Al Zastrow, Don Maug, Larry Janke
Now on DVD:
45th Anniversary Dancy Party of the
Rhythm Playboys DVD            ($20)
One Hour DVD taped by T.C.C.T.V. Channel 18 at the Midway Ballroom in Independence, WI in April 2003.  Features the band and dancers and an interview with Ralph Herman, founding member of the band.
All DVD's $20.00
All CD's $15.00      
All Cassettes $7.00    
Recordings made in 2007 and before are available on CD and cassette. Newer recordings are on CD only.
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Ryan Herman/Rhythm Playboys
N43212 County Road O
Osseo, WI 54758
Newest CD's
Road Show
 picture and song list coming soon


Rhythm Playboys 2013
 picture and song list coming soon


A Fantastic
Fifty Years
 1.  Lady of the Lake (fiddle)      10.  Dim Lights, Thick Smoke
  2.  Stat Lite Waltz                           11.  El Rio Drive Polka
  3.  Don Maug's Harmonica Polka    12.  Flop Eared Mule (fiddle)
  4.  Sing Me Back Home                  13. Walk Right Back
  5.  Ragtime Annie  (fiddle)               14. Step, Laddr Waltz (fiddle)
  6.  Lapland Polka                          15. Life Turned Herm That Way
  7.  Hank Williams Medley               16.  Sally Gooden (fiddle)
  8.  Farmers Wedding Waltz            17 The Bottle Let Me Down
  9.  Walking In My sleep (fiddle)      18.Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Fifty Years of the Rhythm Playboys 2009
Collector's Edition CD
  1  Texas Rag - Introduction of the band
  2  Listen to the Mocking Bird (fiddle)
  3  Down by the Riverside (Traditional)
  4  Ranger's Waltz (Fiddle/accordion)
  5  Ping Pong Polka
  6  Cass County Blue (Western swing)
  7  When it's Springtime in the Rockie
  8. Under the Double Eagle
  9  Evergreen Waltz (Banjo/fiddle)
 10  Lonesome Fugitive
 11  Cindy (Fiddle hoedown
 12  Coming Through the Rye (Tradiona flying dutchmen-accordion)
 13  Irish Girl Polka (Keyboard/shaking bellows accordion)
 14  Wilson's Clog (Traditional fiddle tune)
 15  Let the Cowboy Dance
 16  Boil Them Cabbage Down 
A Tribute to Ralph Herman        
Through the Years  2008                               
1.  Circle Two-Step                            14.  Overshoe Landler
2.  Three Yanks Polka                      15.  Rhythm Playboys Polka
3.  Honey Bee Waltz                          16.  At the Spring Waltz
4.  Musicians Come & Play Polka  17.  Blue Hawaii
5.  Sailor's Waltz                                    18.  It Took Me All Night Waltz
6.  Old Pappy Time                                19.  Ooo La La Polka
7.  Dakota Waltz                                       20.  Bunda Waltz
8.  Dick's Polka                                          21.  Helse Dem Darhema
9.  Swiss Boy Waltz                                  22.  Rockin Rhythm Polka
10.  Silver Haired Daddy of Mine      23.  Old Time Waltz Medley
11.  Susie Polka                                          24.  The Last Waltz
12.  Caller's Waltz                                     25.  Ya'll Come
13.  baby Doll Polka
This CD was Voted Wisconsin Polka Music 2009 Recording of the the Year!
Rhythm Playboys Play Las Vegas 2007
1.  Black Mountain Rag (fiddle hoedown)  7. You Are My Sunshine
2.  Old time Waltz Medley                      8.  Old Fashioned Circle Two-step
3.  Keys in the Mailbox                           9.  Stand Beside Me
4.  Clarinet Polka                                   10.  Polish Lullaby Waltz
5.  Faded Love (fiddle instrumental)            11.  Maiden's Prayer (fiddle)
6.  Life in the Finish Woods (3 accordions)  12.  Twelfth Street Rag
Songs of Yesterday  2003
1.  Adobe Hacienda                   7.  Sing Your Way Home
2.  Three Yanks Polka                8.  Dick's Polka (two accordions)
3.  Walking The Floor Over You   9.  Jimmy Brown the News Boy
4.  Step Ladder Waltz                10.  Wildwood Flower
5.  Ring Dance Mazurka             11.  Are You Teasing Me
6.  Ooo La La Polka                   12.  Mericean Waltz
For The Fans We Love 2003
1.  Musicians Come and Play Polka   7.  Beer Barrel Polka
2.  Silver Dew on the Blue Grass        8.  Heart Over Mind
3.  Dutchmen's Waltz                        9.  Bring Back My Heart Waltz
4.  I'll Go Back To Her                      10.  Big Boquet of Roses
5.  New Ulm Waltz                           11.  Sit By My Side Little Darling
6.  Waltz Across Texas                    12.  Hey Good Looking
Live and on Tour 2002
1.  Owl Waltz                                           7.  Trust Me Darling Waltz
2.  Deepening Snow                                  8.  Silver Haired Daddy of Mine
3.  Hello Walls                                          9.  Helena Polka
4.  Tinker Polka                                        10.  Black River Waltz
5.  Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way     11.  Somewhere Between
6.  Blue Hawaii                                          12.  Ring of Fire
Ya'll Come 2002
1.  Ya'll Come                         7.  Turkey in the Straw
2.  Sailor's Waltz                    8.  Snowflake Waltz
3.  City Lights                         9.  Slippin Around
4.  Redhead Polka                   10.  The West a Nest & You Dear
5.  Don't Sqeeze My Charmin    11.  Little Red Wagon
6.  He'll Have to Go                   12.  The Last Waltz
Your Requests  2001
1.  She inks I Still Care          7.  Hank Williams Medley
2.  Green Grove Polka           8.  It Took Me all Night to get Home Last Night
3.  Dust on Mother's Bible     9.  Music Box Dancer
4.  In the Mood                    10.  Rockin Rhythm Polka
5.  The Way it was in '51       11.  Diggy Liggy Lo
6.  Golden Slippers               12.  Concertina Waltz
Echoes in the Hills 2001
1.  Echoes in the Hills                            7.  I Threw Away the Rose
2.  My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You  8.  Old Pappy Time
3.  Pretty Dancing Girl                             9.  Peak a Boo Waltz
4.  Tiny Bubbles                                    10.  Liberty Breakdown
5.  Corina, Corina                                   11.  Murder on Music Row
6.  Satisfies Mind                                   12.  Midnight Waltz
CHRISTMAS with the Rhythm Playboys 2001
1.  Jingle Bells                                        7.  Santa Looks a lot Like Daddy
2.  Blue Christmas Tree                           8.  Christmas IsIand
3.  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer         9.  Banjo Christmas Bells
4.  Away in a Manger                              10.  Walkin in a Winter Wonderland
5.  Santa Claus is Coming to Town             11.  All I want for Christmas is You
6.  What a Merry Christmas This Would Be  12.  Silver Bells
Playboy Favorites  1997
1.  Ellen Polka                         7.  Oh Ginny Lover  Me Tonight
2.  Never Alone Waltz              8.  Dakota Waltz
3.  Pride                                  9.  Banjo Polka
4.  Ragtime Annie                   10.  Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On
5.  Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain  11.  If You Call Everybody Darling
6.  Ten Pretty Girls Schottische   12.  Flop Eared Mule
                                                13.  Walking In My Sleep
                                                 14.  Last Waltz
40th Anniversary Edition  1997
1.  Home Coming Waltz         8.  Caller's Waltz
2.  Susie Polka                      9.  Over the Waves
3.  Saturday Night Waltz          10.  Great Speakled Bird
4.  Two Different Worlds           11.  Minnesota Medley Polka
5.  Banjo Schottische               12.  Put your Arms Around Me Honey
6.  Tennessee Wagoner            13.  Patches
7.  Heartaches by the Number
Best of the Rhythm Playboys 1997
Hootenanny Saturday Night 1964
Overshoe Landler            Dicks Polka
I Wanna Be You Love     Nobody Knows
Crazy Arms                         Snow Flake Waltz
Two O ' Clock Polka           
Twistin Polka Style 1962
Carribean Polka                  Wednesday Night Waltz
Lou's Waltz                            Moonlight Waltz
Turn Around                        When Luther Played the Boogie
Echo Schottische               Banjo
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